Are you feeling, depressed, anxious, angry, not good about yourself, obsessive, afraid of things or situations and you cannot determine why?

Sometimes, do things happen and you react to them without knowing why you react the way you do?

Have you been in counseling or been put on medication with little to no movement forward?

If nothing seems to work, do you feel as though it is your fault?  Is everyone telling you to “just snap out of it” and you don’t understand why you can’t just “snap out of it’?  Are you clueless about how to take control of your behavior after you have tried so hard so many times?

This is often why people come to hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is an amazing complimentary tool that helps YOU figure out the underlying emotional causes of your frustrations and unwanted emotions, and then, how to change.

Unfortunately, hypnotherapy has been mixed up with stage and performance hypnosis. Stage hypnosis is real but is entertainment and has nothing to do with clinical hypnotherapy.  To be clear, clinical hypnotherapy is completely different than what most people think it is before they try it.  For over a thousand years, hypnosis has been used all over the world as a beneficial tool for people to overcome emotional, mental, spiritual and physical challenges.

Hypnotherapy helps you become more in line with how you want to be and puts YOU in control.  Hypnotherapy helps you gain insight, let go of what is holding you back and move forward with your life. By revealing your inner power that you already have, you empower yourself and make use of the amazing tool you have inside of you. With this expanded self- knowledge your choices become clear and your obstacles to change become the mole hills they are, instead of the mountains they feel like. These changes are often permanent.



Hypnotherapy incorporates several methods including, Breathing Techniques, Progressive Full Body Relaxation, Gestalt techniques, Parts Therapy, Regression, Ideomotor Methods and Hypnotic Dream Work and the integration for other modalities with hypnotherapy.

  • Release negative mental patterns.
  • Restructure limiting ideas and habits.
  • Increase communication.
  • Reduce conflict in relationships.
  • Increase motivation.
  • Free yourself from hostility and anger
  • Eliminate negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors.
  • Goal setting and achievement.
  • Develop positive thinking
  • Increase emotional well-being.
  • Ease anxious or fearful thoughts.
  • Self-esteem and Self-acceptance.
  • Free yourself from negative habits.
  • Better sleep restfully and easily.
  • Learn relaxation techniques.
  • Release from traumatic experiences
  • Regression
  • Spiritual awareness.
  • Hypnotic dream work.

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